Client: Paypal

Partner: CloudPrism

Salesforce Implementation and Consultant Partner

Unleashing the Potential of PayPal-Salesforce Integration for E-commerce

The business charges a fee for its services as a payment processor to several commercial users, including auction sites and online retailers.They want e-commerce businesses to integrate with Salesforce.


  • Salesforce-PayPal integration gaps: One of the major challenges is the gap in salesforce integration which created efficiencies in process.
  • Payment Choices: there were restrictions in payment choices for customers due to which customers were disatisfied.
  • Payment tracking challenges: Real time payment tracking was not getting solved due which process was delayed.


By overcoming challenges we implemented our solutions that are affecting paypal business

  • Revolutionized sales process: We corrected the mistake which was made and integrated proper salesforce solutions.
  • Payment options: Expanded payments option so that customers can be satisfied.
  • Realtime tracking: realtime tracking of payments were improved so the data Generated by process will be efficient.


By delivery proper solution to our client we given benchmark result and that are

45% Improvement in Order fulfillment

32% Boosted sales & revenue growth

30% Increase in customer satisfaction.

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