Client: Cambria

Partner: CloudPrism

Salesforce Implementation and Consultant Partner

Simplified Customer Experience and Email Marketing Strategy

Cambria, a well-known producer in the natural quartz countertop and surface industries in the United States, faced challenges when attempting to combine innovative designs with long-lasting durability in order to guarantee elegance and usefulness. Their goals were to reduce their marketing initiatives and provide a flawless client journey. At that point, they looked for help from CloudPrism, a reputable Salesforce implementation and consulting partner.


Low lead generation due to an ineffective email marketing strategy Difficulty reaching prospects and converting them into customers Poor customer experience affecting customer loyalty

ProblemsSolutions provided by CloudPrism:

Improve engagement and drove leads with personalized email campaigns Increased conversions by automating lead nurturing Enhanced customer loyalty through streamlined experiences

Results that exceeded expectations:

Increased lead generation by 35% within the first 3 months of implementing the email marketing strategy. Improved conversion rate by 55% by targeting the right audience with personalized content. Simplified marketing efforts and achieved an 82% cost saving using Engagement Studio and Automation Rules.

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