Client: Hedera Dx

Partner: CloudPrism

Salesforce Implementation and Consultant Partner

Efficient Communication and Data Centralization: Hedera Dx Implements Cloud Prism on Salesforce

In addition to offering state-of-the-art liquid biopsy solutions that enhance patient experiences, outcomes, and journeys as well as those of healthcare professionals, Hedera Dx is committed to revolutionizing oncology by making it easier to prescribe, discover, and develop the next revolutionary precision oncology therapies.


  • Automated Communication: Hedera Dx wants to automatically send emails to specific recipients based on the reason case reason for a newly created case in Salesforce. This ensures timely communication about technical issues, billing inquiries, shipping updates, etc.
  • Easy Case Creation: They also want a user-friendly way to create cases directly from a form, simplifying the process for customers and staff.

Our Solutions:

Cloud Prism addressed these needs by leveraging various Salesforce features:

  • 1. Email Templates and Alerts: They created pre-designed email templates containing relevant information and formatting, tailored to each case reason. These templates are then used to automatically generate and send emails when a new case is created with the corresponding reason.
  • Record Trigger Flow: A record trigger flow is a specific type of automation in Salesforce. Cloud Prism created this flow to trigger the email-sending process whenever a new case is created, checking the case reason and selecting the appropriate email template.
  • Web-to-Case: This is a Salesforce feature that allows users to create cases directly from a web form. Cloud Prism implemented this functionality so customers and staff can easily submit cases by filling out an online form, eliminating the need to manually enter data in Salesforce.

How Salesforce Comes In:

Salesforce plays a crucial role in this solution by:

  • Centralized Data Management: All case information, including the case reason, is stored and managed within Salesforce. This ensures a single source of truth for customer interactions.
  • Automation Capabilities: Salesforce allows for creating automated workflows like record trigger flows, enabling the automatic sending of emails based on specific criteria like the case reason.
  • Web-to-Case Functionality: This built-in feature provides a convenient way for customers to submit cases directly through a web form, streamlining case creation and reducing manual data entry.

In conclusion, Cloud Prism utilized various features within Salesforce to automate case-related communication, simplify case creation, and centralized customer data, addressing Hedera Dx's specific requirements.


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56% Strengthened Customer Relationships

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