Client: Stellenwerk

Partner: CloudPrism & Selise

Salesforce Implementation and Consultant Partner

CloudPrism & Selise

Selise is an international consulting firm that offers advice on digital transformation to several businesses worldwide.The firm offers a wide range of services, such as platform development,process engineering, and strategic consulting.


  • Selise might have been a general salesforce consultant, offering a broader solution but lacking specific matching expertise.
  • CloudPrism could specialize in applicant matching technology, making them a better fit for Stellenwerk's specific needs.
  • Stellenwerk might have preferred a custom-built solution over a more generic CRM approach.


  • Selise offered a broader CRM solution (Salesforce) that might not have been fully customized for applicant matching.
  • CloudPrism built a dedicated tool specifically for Stellenwerk's needs, demonstrating a tailored approach.
  • CloudPrism's tool facilitated bulk applications, potentially streamlining the application process for candidates.

Developed a custom "matching tool" specifically for Stellenwerk. This tool focused on efficiently pairing candidates with suitable jobs, highlighting their expertise in applicant matching technology.


  • 80% Filtering jobs to match specific applicant profiles.
  • 70% Allowing applicants to apply to multiple relevant jobs simultaneously through the platform.

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